Abraj Al Madina. A Complex Capturing Beirut’s In’s & Out’s.

In one of the most sought areas. Mazraa, Barbir Main Rd.

Apartments, Shops, & Offices.

Abraj Al Madina, one of the first & largest projects to rise in Barbir area, is set to redefine the real estate sector in Mazraa and boost the growth of the area. The signature contemporary architecture blends with the vibrant culture of Mazraa, resulting in an organic interaction between the modern urban and traditional aspects of the city. The dynamic architecture is meant to be modern yet simple with clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. The two block building rises high above, overlooking its surroundings, and features stunning views of Beirut, the mountains, and the Mediterranean horizon. The multi-use complex proudly consists of 52 apartments, more than 12 shops, offices, and 6 undergrounds with more than 125+ parkings spots.

Residential. Excellence in the Making.

Residentially, our tailor made apartments are especially made to match today’s trend in the market. Sizes vary from two to three bedroom.

Shops. Professionalism in the Execution.

The project features a superbly well crafted shopping center stretching over 30m with a 13m entrance and a height of approximately 6m just enough to provide maximum visibility to its shopping units. The outlandish project introduces twelve shopping units accompanied by mezzanines ranging from 41m2 to 120m2 , and a 970 m2 underground space all designed to fit institutes, supermarkets, banks, or just any choice of your business

Offices. Expertise in the Designation.

The mix-used project is ideally located in the center of the business hub surrounded by banks, hospitals, retails stores, etc…. For that, the project introduced a 700m2 first floor designed to accommodate commercial offices, medical labs, institutes, etc…

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