Badaro 4741

The building grasps both the modern and beautiful aspect of Beirut and especially badaro which is known to be one of the most quiet and luxurious areas to live in. The Badaro 4741 embraces a clever... more info

Manara 3016

Manara 3016 building is situated in the most beautiful area of Ras Beirut and Manara just off Bliss Street, the American University of Beirut, and the International College... more info

Abraj Al Madina

Not just any project, ‎Abraj Al Madina‬, situated in one of ‪Beirut‬'s most famous streets, is set to redefine the area of ‪‎Mazraa‬. The two-bloc mixed use project rises high overlooking its surroundings, stunning views of the city, and the Mediterranean horizon.... more info

Latest News

Casa Verde:  Completed

Rana Building: Completed

Manara 3016: Completed

Badaro 4741: Completed

Abraj Al Madina: Construction Phase

Cyprus Project: Completed 

Cyprus Project No.2: Under-construction 

Cyprus Project No.3: Under-construction 


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Mazraa, Abraj Al Madina.

Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: +961 3 368082




Electro Mechanical

RC International has proudly completed and delivered Electro-Mechanical Design and Build works for residential and commercial projects, whether whole buildings, single households, or office spaces. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and tradespeople who deliver on time every time. We have also incorporated engineers with LEED Certification in compliance with trends of today and the future's sustainable design and construction industry.

Among our vast range of works we do design and execution including but not limited to:

- Water supply and drainage (plumbing and metering)
- Water Appliances and Water heaters (restrooms, kitchens...)
- Heating Systems (Diesel oil type, gas type, solar systems, boilers...)
- Ventilation (ducting, exhaust fans, vent pipes...)
- Air Conditioning (Indoor and Outdoor units, ducting, chillers, copper pipe installation, optimization of system performance)
- Fire Fighting Systems (Sprinklers, fire hydrants, FM200, extinguishers of all types...)
- Remote control and monitoring (Smart Mechanical Systems)

- Lighting (design, fixtures, decorative lighting, efficient lighting methods)
- Electrical power distribution (Panel boards, wiring, sockets, optimized and practical power distribution)
- Protection (Earthing, lightning protection, surge arrestors...)
- Low Current Systems (Telephone, data, CCTV, Sound systems, inter-phones..)
- Fire Protection System (heat and smoke detectors, control panel, fire stations, sirens and strobe lights...)
- BMS Systems (monitoring, control, and data log of electrical and mechanical systems)
- Home Automation (EIB and Smart Home systems)

We follow the most efficient, sustainable, Eco-friendly, and economic practices in our work. We ensure our projects are delivered according to international and local standards. Our designs are optimized and value engineering is an ongoing process throughout our construction activities in order to save on the project's budget, schedule, and overall efficiency and functionality.  

Our accurate supervision of site works and quality hands on experience give us the edge of foreseeing the work process ensuring our completed project will exceed client expectations and will receive the necessary authority approvals timely.