Badaro 4741

The building grasps both the modern and beautiful aspect of Beirut and especially badaro which is known to be one of the most quiet and luxurious areas to live in. The Badaro 4741 embraces a clever... more info

Manara 3016

Manara 3016 building is situated in the most beautiful area of Ras Beirut and Manara just off Bliss Street, the American University of Beirut, and the International College... more info

Abraj Al Madina

Not just any project, ‎Abraj Al Madina‬, situated in one of ‪Beirut‬'s most famous streets, is set to redefine the area of ‪‎Mazraa‬. The two-bloc mixed use project rises high overlooking its surroundings, stunning views of the city, and the Mediterranean horizon.... more info

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Casa Verde:  Completed

Rana Building: Completed

Manara 3016: Completed

Badaro 4741: Completed

Abraj Al Madina: Construction Phase

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Abraj Al Madina

Identity & Architecture: 

Abraj Al Madina, one of the first & largest projects to rise in Barbir area, is set to redefine the real estate sector in Mazraa and boost the growth of the area. The signature contemporary architecture blends with the vibrant culture of Mazraa, resulting in an organic interaction between the modern urban and traditional aspects of the city. The dynamic architecture is meant to be modern yet simple with clean lines and minimalists aesthetics. The two-bloc building rises high above, overlooking its surroundings, and features stunning views of Beirut, the mountains, and the Mediterranean horizon. 


Commercially, the project is strategically located in one of the most prominent areas in Beirut. Being home to various industries ranging from clothing to gold, the street is a bustling commercial hub for the local community and seeks a future hub-to-be featuring a shopping diversity that grasps consumers from all over lebanon. 

With that, the team's ultimate dedication towards the commercial section bred a liberty of innovation to embrace the street with a new phenomenon. From that, the project features a superbly well crafted shopping center stretching over 30m with a 13m entrance and a height of approximately 6m just enough to provide maximum visibility to its shopping units. The outlandish project introduces twelve shopping units accompanied by mezzanines ranging from 41m2 to 120m2, and a 970m2 underground space all designed to fit institutes, supermarkets, banks, or just any choice of your business. All spaces benefit from a perfectly designed spacious walking area in the shopping center accompanied by a decent amount of parking spaces. 


The mix-used project is ideally nestled in the center of the business hub surrounded by banks, hospitals, retail stores, etc....

The project introduces a 700m2 first floor designed to accommodate commercial offices, medical labs, and institutes. 


With its progressive approach to development, RC International has produced another landmark in urban living, " Abraj Al Madina" , thus raising the bar for developments that are clean and simple but warm and rich at the same time. 

Strategically located in the heart of the city in the most famous street of Barbir with access from all sides of Beirut, " Abraj Al Madina" takes advantage of multiple attractions wether on a social, business, entertainment or educational level. The residential tower boasts a ravishing 52 unit of modern architecture with the most affordable prices stretching approximately over 123m2, 127m2, and 157m2 where each apartment enjoys one underground parking space.

The project rises into two blocs, A & B, where each bloc enjoys two apartments. A1 is around 127m2 &  A2 is around 123m2. B1 is around 157m2 & B2 is around 123m2. 


General Specifications
-Electric generators
-Automatic fire system
-High-end residential system
-Fire system in electrical rooms
-Two spacious international elevators for each bloc
-Granite tiles for stairs
-PVC pipes for drainage & sewage system
-Seismic design
-One underground parking space for each apartment 

Apartment Specifications
-TV satellite system
-Individual hot water system
-All mechanical & electrical installations are hidden
-High quality wood cabinets for kitchens with granite toppings
-Marble tiles in salon & dining areas
-Ceramics tiles in bedroom, bathroom & kitchen areas
-HIgh quality sanitary ware & fixtures
-SIdem 2000 aluminum profile

Floor Plans

Ground Floor-Commercial Mezzanine-Commercial Offices
Typical Floor Typical Floor-1st Floor with Terraces Underground Commercial Space

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